Bracelet Information

Each bracelet is made from quality sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone beads. Findings and
clasps are also sterling silver. I collaberate closely with each customer to make the perfect bracelet. I
send pictures via email of the bracelet as it is evolving into the perfect keepsake. You, the customer
get the final say as to when the bracelet is done and ready to be shipped.

Bracelets are beaded on Acculon .015mm tigertail wire with a break strength of 15 lbs. I use 4.8 or
4.5 mm sterling silver letter blocks and stabilize them with special spacer beads that help hold letter
beads in line better than strictly round beads found in many of my competitor's bracelets. When gold
beads are used I typically use 12-22 or 14-24 gold-filled beads. I like to use lots of semiprecious
gemstone beads as they do not tarnish or change colors with wear. I believe they take on a special
glow with wear reflecting the wearer's unique energy. Sterling silver will tarnish and darken as will the
gold-filled beads as the bracelet is worn.

Although I believe that these bracelets are made to be worn, they are not going to stand up to 24
hour, round the clock wear. They are handcrafted. They are not designed to stand up to vigiorous
activity. They are not made to be worn while showering or dishwashing. These are pieces of jewelry
and they are not indestructable. Some of the signs of excess wear include stretching of the wire which
requires restringing. (Wire is designed to stretch but excess stretching would require restringing more
often than once or twice a year.) Bending of sterling clasps becasue of constant stress. Excessive
tarnishing. Bead damage from banging against hard objects. Please use common sense when wearing
your bracelet. I want you to have them forever!

I believe that making my customers happy is the most important part of my job. So you can rest well
knowing your bracelet is in the best of hands being made by someone that values your opinions and
your special memories. Also rest assured that I will do my best to make your bracelet special to you!

Customer Service Information

Name Bracelets by Leslie
My Baby's Name Custom Family Jewelry
765 W. Limberlost Dr. #41
Tucson, AZ 85705

Warranty Information

Each Bracelet sold comes with a 30 day warranty for defects in workmanship  and resizing. In the
case of defects and resizing, warranty covers all labor and extra materials with the exceptions of
clasps. Resizing will be done one time only. After that, please include $5.00 restringing fee. If
warranty work is needed to replace a broken clasp, the cost of the clasp will be charged of $5.00
unless breakage is due to clear defect in clasp construction. Bracelet must be returned to address
above in a protective envelope with a piece of string the exact length the bracelet is to be resized to.

After 30 days, please include $5.00 with the bracelet with any additional charges for additional
materials as instructed before returning the bracelet. All repair work made after 30 days from
purchase is done at the sole discretion of Leslie and may or may not include free labor, so please
contact me first.

International Warranty also covers workmanship,  defective materials, and restringing but a fee of
$6.00 will be assessed for return shipping for all work. Please
email me for instructions on returning
an item for warranty work.