Name Bracelets by Leslie
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

My sterling silver charm bracelets are memory catchers.
They capture a place in time, an accomplishment or an
event. They can be a life long keepsake of a birth, wedding,
special event in school, graduation, baptism, confirmation or
even a birthday. They can be given as a token of love
symbolic of your feelings for Valentine's Day. You are only
limited by your imagination. Order one today!

Wedding Charm Bracelet
Use ypur colors and charm choices to commemorate your special day!

Childhood Memories or New
Mommy Charm Bracelet
More Styles

You get your choice of 5 charms: 2-$8.50 charms
and 3-$6.00 charms
More can be added for an additional charge.
Charm Choices

Colors, Clasp & Size