A Word about Bracelet Sizing

To help insure a proper fit, sizing the bracelet is one of the most important things to making your bracelet
perfect. One great way to do this is to measure a favorite bracelet or watch (from end to end including the
clasp) and use that size. The next sound way of getting a good measurement is to find a string or a fabric
measuring tape and measure your wrist at its biggest point then add 3/4 of an inch for a snugger fit or 1
inch for a looser fit (about 2 fingers) to that measurement. If you are selecting one of the larger clasps like
the ornate bali heart clasp, please add at least a full inch as the toggle itself needs more space to function
properly. If you are buying the bracelet as a gift then select an average size...7" inches for smaller petite
women, 7 1/2" for medium sized women and 8" for larger tall women. (I am not talking about weight
either but more frame size.)

Next a word about the actual sizing. I work with 5 or 6 different bead sizes. All of these sizes are in
millimeters. Although in theory I should be able to get a size exact figuring out the exact arrangment, in all
probability though that won't happen. I will try my hardest to get the bracelet sized as close to the size you
requested as possible but the size can vary by 1/8th of an inch or about 6mm either way. If this is a
please let me know before I finish your bracelet. I will then work a little harder to arrange the
design to fit the size rather than fitting the size to the design. In other words, the size will take precedent
over form.

Finally. I do and will continue to resize bracelets. Especially when they are given as gifts and the giver is
unsure about size, but please do not ask me to resize for a few millimeters. If so, please be willing to pay
for the shipping both ways as I cannot be expected in a mail order business to create a bracelet that fits a
wrist perfectly. That would requiring "in person" sizing and that is just not possible. So, I promise to do
the best I can when and where it is possible!